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I, II, III Civilazation Tech

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    What is:
    Photonic drive
    Von Neymann nano probe
    EM propultion
    Planck energy propulsion

    I want to know more on the Dyson Sphere and what other new technologies are scientists perciving for the future?
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    Photonic drive...Using photons as a propulsion, seeing as photons travel at the speed of light...why not use then as a propultion device?

    Von Nueymann nano probe...cant extally member what they do...but I think that they are probes that are sposed to build replicas of themselves and improve themselves

    EM propulsion...Electro Magnetic propulsion, manipulating large magnetic feilds to propel a vehicle

    Planeck energy...this is only attainable by a Type-III civilization as I remember and this means that the civizalation understands the Theory of Everything and that, that can maniuplate Strings...if they exist and when you can maniuplate everything...you can propell a ship with that, or you will find a way to propell it
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    Good answer. You got Von Neuman probes right. They are small self replicating robots. You seed the galaxy with them, they land on any likely planet and reproduce to terraform it (that is, change its surface and climate to be like Earth). So when your human expansion gets there it's all ready for you.
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    Yes, a wondeful idea, except we do not own the universe, and if you were to actually
    release things into the universe of this nature, God would surely make you clean up every single last one of them, even if it took forever. Like the character in a Douglas Adams
    novel, who was immortal, and chose to spend eternity on a quest, to insult every
    living thing.

    Which reminds me, (checking list) Dr. Von Neuman, you are a banty eyed,
    snoot nosed, hollow headed, banter snort.
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    Actually I think that von Neumann conceived these as something the Others would do to us, rather than the reverse. And then we get back to Fermi's original query: Where are they?

    BTW it's rich you shooting a list of standardized insults at (the memory of) Dr. von Neumann over the web! He is, as the devisor of the stored program computer, one of the folks you can thank for the opportunity to do that.
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    I take it then that all I have heard about him has been merely disinformation or
    some sort of smear against his noble bomb devising WMD inventing, heinous
    evil parasitic universal nanobotic good nature.

    That may be so. I am just somewhat averse to him based on some of those
    smears I suppose.

    But as for Fermi's paradox, there are 75,000 UFO reports per year.

    Based on statistical analysis of the size of the universe and the number of stars
    and the percentage which should have hospitable planets to support life,
    and according to probability = truth, they are indeed here if just one of those
    reports is indeed a factual report.

    Here is a disk from another time and place Mr Kaku if you are listening...

    Here are the documents which describe in detail the efforts to save the life
    of J-rod an EBE housed at S4
    Some of the story behind it
    http://www.boomspeed.com/joseph2/J-Rod1.htm [Broken]
    http://www.boomspeed.com/joseph2/J-Rod2.htm [Broken]
    http://www.boomspeed.com/joseph2/J-Rod3.htm [Broken]

    Here is a General Electric time machine from 2036

    Here is a Bell Ranger Helicopter on a heiroglyph from the Temple at Karnac
    as well as a relief of a Saturn 5 rocket in a temple at Kush


    And here is Dr. Kaku on Art BEll saying things such as "We physicists believe"

    Well what you mean we white man ;-)

    In the off chance that you truly do not know that the Fermi Paradox is only a
    paradox to a blind man, I appologize that no one took the time to bring you
    into the loop.

    Now then, (checking list once again) selfAdjoint... selfAdjoint, Hmmm isn't
    that strange, you wouldn't by chance be from France would you?

    Rick of the ooha wooha MuHaBeans
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  8. Jan 26, 2004 #7
    I just wanted to add that perhaps Michio, you might make some comments on the above items as although I have thoroughly enjoyed your interviews on Art Bell over the
    years, I came away feeling as though until we can actuially scoop out,
    a portion of the sun itself, and bring it back to earth, we will never be able to
    rise above the standard model.

    And we both know that 10 dimensional fishing is much more exciting than
    say normal fishing.

    And I am not suggesting that your views on time travel for instance
    have been less interesting than the images sent back from the Mars rover Spirit,
    http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/technology/pancam_techwed_040114.html [Broken]
    of which I can only repeat the words of Squyres: "It looks like nothing that I’ve ever seen in
    my life. Holly smokes. I’ve got nothing else to say. I just want to look. I’ve got no words for this."

    But all in all I do wonder who is mindin' those switches in the bunkers some days
    if you know what I mean.

    One can only hope that aliens have indeed landed taken over and asumed control
    otherwise, one might indeed fear for their lives in these oh so troubling days
    as we sit perched on the edge, living in fear, of this, this, potential global
    nuclear catastrophe, which you have so eloquently brought to our attention,
    and which you and your mentors, friends and associates, have created.

    In closing, I would just like to say, thankyou again, for at least venturing onto
    the Art Bell show, and sharing with us, your expertise and giving us the
    prospective from the top of the heap as it were.

    Oh, one more thing, and I don't know if you take requests at all,
    but I would love to hear your explanation of the Hutchison Effect.
    Your 10 dimensional explanation would suffice if the standard
    model is insufficient for your needs.
    http://www.americanantigravity.com/hutchison.html [Broken]
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  9. Jan 27, 2004 #8
    Gee, not a whole lot of trafic in this area it would seem.

    Well, its been a couple days now, and well frankly, I am getting a bit sleepy
    all this waiting around for a reply and all, so I guess I will be on my way.

    But Michio, thanks again man. I have truly enjoyed your interviews,
    and just by appearing on the Art Bell show, you bring with you
    a measure of credibility that often is sadly lacking in these shows.

    I did get the impression though that perhaps your busy schedule
    keeps you from staying abreast of the latest developments and
    I invite you to venture over to


    for some pleasant conversation and to discuss the leading edge
    of the unkown in this area.

    It is always nice to be aware of the latest information so you won't find yourself
    in the dark, when a caller to a time traveller show asks you about Dr. Anderson
    for instance.

    Anyway, again thanks, and please do come by for a chat if you a chance.

    Keep up the 'good' work.

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