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I invite you to learn more about the capital of Ecuador

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    I invite you to learn more about the capital of Ecuador.

    Quito has the largest historical center of Latin America
    and it has an enormous cultural and artistic heritage. In
    this sector ten churches are located. They are among the
    most beautiful colonial buildings of America.

    There are also many museums were there are many
    transcendental painting and sculpture masterpieces, of
    modern and colonial periods.

    There are hotels in Quito that form a part of the modern
    section of Quito.

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    Well, they look kewl...
    I will ask my brother again and if he gives me money, I will go there this winter...
    This summer is impossible because I will fly to Hokkaido for an internship.
    I can meet them again....<:smile>
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    How does this have anything to do with physics?
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    Quito experiences greater centrifugal force than any other national capital!


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    Capitals don't "experience" centrifugal force. Centrifugal force is probably distributed among every square-inch of land/water on this Earth, having more force the nearer the equator, from the spin of the Earth. There are many other capitals near the equator, so I doubt you are correct. Plus, you did not mention this in your original post, so you weren't talking about Quito having centrifugal force, but talking about visiting it in the summer.
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    This is a little sloppy. In addition to being near the equator, Quito is up in the mountains. Is it farther from the Earth's axis than the capital of Nepal? Tibet? I don't know. Why can't we say a city experiences centrigugal force? Every atom of every building experiences it!

    And finally, Njorl was not the original poster, as you would have seen if you had bothered to look carefully at the thread. In fact her post was just a light hearted response to the accusation that the thread was OT.

    I will allow a few more posts on centrigual force, but not on the amenities of Quito, which is OT to the max. Then I will lock this thread.
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