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I just can't concentrate

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    Nowadays, I have a lot of problems concentrating on studies. I mean, I just can't concentrate...

    One reason is that I get distracted easily. If I am stuck for a moment in my study, I take the remote in my hand and switch on the TV. I think I can work hard to battle this problem.

    But on the second problem, I dont know what to do. Even if the TV is on and I am studying, even if it is on low volume, it irritates me. I can't concentrate. And hen I lose my temper a bit, stop studying, or just go to another room where I still can't study because I'm irritated.

    I think a lot of subconscious beliefs go into studying. A lot of this is just psychological, but I don't know how to combat it. any suggestions?
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    Lol, i kinda get what you mean.

    -I always to turn on the PC if i am in front of it.
    -I also get very sleepy when i try to concentrate.
    -Or i suddenly start relating my studies to something, then my thoughts move to something else.

    What you can do is to study in groups. When you do so, you feel motivated and you will forced to act different since you are in front of people. Unless you and your friends start to move away from the real purpose together, you should be able to concentrate in studies.
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    try and make a point of going somewhere that's well-lit and relatively quiet. I find that doing so helps me "get in the mood"
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    I have similar issues. I've decided I actually work when I'm at school instead of home so I'll travel to school to do work on Saturdays... all in the name of graduating :)
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    try thinking of what will happen if you never study to get you motivated
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    Have you tried studying in a physics study group? When everyone around you expects you to work, it tends to be easier. As an undergrad I also used to do my homework in the physics club's room. There are plenty of distractions at home, and it's often easier to work when you eliminate them by changing the setting to something more conducive of physics.
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    Thanks... I think I'll sit in my college library once the third year starts, but until then, I have to stay at home. I do get myself motivated by saying that I just can't go anywhere if I dont study, and it often works.

    The concentration problem, I'm trying to solve, but not getting distracted, reading stuff aloud if there is a distraction, making an effort. :)
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    I've never been able to study well at home, I have to be somewhere else. I don't seem to have a problem studying when I'm at school, so that's where I do my homework and I don't have a problem staying on task.

    I have a friend however that is much like you. The way he deals with it is to get dropped off at school saturday and sundays without his laptop and without his cell phone. The only possible thing he can do at that point is study until it's time to get picked up. He has gone from getting C's and D's to A's and B's. It's kind of an extream case, but it works for him.
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    My university library has "study rooms" you can check out for up to 4 hours at a time. The rooms are pretty much small little boxes that on average contain: a desk, three chairs, florencent lights, and a set of plugs (ethernet, phone, and standard electric). They are also, generally, sound proof.

    If I really need to get something done, I tend to go there myself. Locking myself in a room with no distractions (besides my computer...I tend to use to access the library's catelog from the study room, rather than try to deal with their glitchy machines), tends to get the job done.

    Though if I need a chalk board, there is a physics "lab" that only majors/grad students (aside from 1 chem major and 1 bio major who also have the password) can access. But it tends to be distracting in there on weekdays (weekends/fridays the place is empty and the blackboards are my domain).
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    I can't study at all at home either. I make trips out of my way to the library and find an isolated corner where there is no TV, Computer, or any other distraction (like hot females walking by)
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