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I just had a crazy idea

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    How awesome would it be if a competent physics professor clipped a high-quality mobile video camera on his shirt pocket, and recorded all the events in a few of his work days..

    This kind of "vicarious video" experience will probably come down the line, as there are already these mobile camera devices, but I think this would be just great for those who aspire to be academics.. especially helpful if the professor is of the same sub-field

    Not that rigid imitation is a good thing, but these could no doubt be rewarding videos to watch (and fast forward)..
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    Honestly all you would see is 7 hours of looking at a computer screen, typing, and meetings. The other hour or two would be lunch time, bathroom time, and the occasional visit to the lab. Professors tend not to be very hands on. They delegate tasks to their students and sit back until the data comes in.
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    oh lol
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