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I just joined physics forums

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    I didn't know where were to introduce myself so I thought I'd post it in General Discussions. I'm 19 years old, studying Business Management. But early 2012, I got hooked with physics and I've been reading articles, books, listening to lectures and watching documentaries whenever I get free time. I wish I had chosen physics but I have no basic physics education, never took any physics course. But I've learnt quite a few things, but I have no technical know-how. I'm not very good in Mathematics either, having taken only basic Calculus course.

    I love learning about relativistic & quantum physics. I'm very much interested in physics 'beyond the standard model', mainly string theory since there are many articles about it online for general audience. I've tried to learn about other approaches to quantum gravity like the loop quantum gravity and others, but since there aren't much documentaries or books about them I don't know much about them. I love reading about 20th century physicist, mainly Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr and other pioneers of the era.

    My journey to physics started when I got to know that we could describe the way world works in terms of mathematical equations. I was instantly in love with the subject and do my best to learn it more. One of my life's wish is to understand physics and contribute to our understanding of the universe.

    My English isn't very good and I ask for forgiveness only because I have tried to do my best.
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    Your English is very good, no worries there :smile:. Welcome to PF!
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    What's your favourite fish?
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    Just be aware that physics isn't just the LHC, black holes, the Higgs, nuclear bombs, etc. Physics is also your iPhone, your GPS, your MRI, your x-ray, your computer, etc., things that you commonly use everyday. They may not often produce the sexy stories that everyone is enamored with, but they make physics relevant.

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    @OP: Welcome! Your command of English is good. You'll have to get beyond the pop-science resources and beef up your math skills. Good luck!
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    Hint: Name the biggest fish among your favourites. :devil:
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