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I just saw the advert for Serenity on DVD

  1. Dec 13, 2005 #1
    I mean really, its advertised like a really bad action flick. Which it is not. Why, oh why are the marketing slime ruining this series and movie? Why? What incompetent wastes of oxygen they must be.
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  3. Dec 13, 2005 #2
    Same reason Firefly got cancelled, I imagine*.

    *I know nothing of what transpired in regards to Firefly, but mainstream annoys me.
  4. Dec 13, 2005 #3

    The episodes were aired out of order, for starters.
  5. Dec 14, 2005 #4
    lol, you are such a nerd.
    ps I have every episode and Serenity on my computer, I love em.
  6. Dec 14, 2005 #5
    So do I .
  7. Dec 14, 2005 #6
    wow, we are so alike. Wanna make out?
  8. Dec 14, 2005 #7

    Sure. Can I be on top?
  9. Dec 14, 2005 #8
    reach around?
  10. Dec 14, 2005 #9
    Bump and grind?
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