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I just scarfed down a large Pizza Hut pizza

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    I wish I was dead.
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    That's all? I see you are living up to your username :rofl:
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    I have to admit, I ordered a Pizza Hut pizza online the other night. I'm ashamed and embarrassed, but it was the first (and hopefully only) time I did so using their website. But what was interesting was that the order confirmation online said the pizza would arrive at approximately 10:57 pm, and it DID! I had my pizza and was back in time to watch House. :)
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    1 large cheese pizza from pizza hut:

    2130 Calories
    104 grams of fat
    41 grams of saturated fat
    190 mg cholesterol
    3.76 g of sodium

    Very Nice.
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    I love House! :redface: I recently discovered it and now it won't be on for THREE WEEKS!!! :cry:
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    Ugh I love pizza but not Pizza Hut....they are so so greasy.

    I love that show!!! But I despise all the breaks! There was a 3 week break during christmas, there was one new episode and now another 3 week break!!!
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    Yeah, stupid American Idol. I hate that 'show' with a passion.
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    Have you seen that documentary, "Super-Size Me"?

    I haven't seen the entire show. I watched up until the star vomited in the parking lot after a Super-Sized Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and changed the channel.
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    Croatian pizzas are the best. They're perhaps the most boring meal you could have, but still, they are so good, that they can't be classified as junk food actually. :tongue:
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    Eat one of those every day for a while and you'll get your wish. :yuck: :smile:
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    mmmm pizza :!!)
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