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I keep getting this popup about adult webpages

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    I don't know where else to post this.
    I keep getting this popup about adult webpages. It comes in the form of a Signed Program Download with a security warning at first and tells me the certificate is valid and all that(I hope you know what I'm talking about). I click no (meaning I don't want to download it) and then all these click yes to access hundreds of free porn sites comes up and then another popup comes up asking me to save something on my hard drive. This keeps popping up at sites that have nothing to do with porn. For example, I go to www.mlb.com and then this porn thing pops up. I have ad ware and spybot and I've done the searches to rid my computer of this, but ad ware and spy bot obviously don't find this and it keeps coming back. What should I do?
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    Use a better browser. I suggest Firefox, available at www.mozilla.org.

    - Warren
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    And just who is this Paris Hilton gal anyway? :eek:
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    Just want to add that firefox has an internal popup blocker, works great.
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    Stuck up daughter of Hilton hotel owner. Shes worth approx. 28 million
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    With that kind of net worth, I suppose she can get away with being stuck up!
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    So internet explorer sucks...and there's nothing else I can do about it.
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    Replacing it is a pretty good solution.

    - Warren
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    There is a way to filter unnecessary junk. Actually this program has been used for a while now and been rehashed over and over again in a sec. forum. Some people in the industry swear by it, if configured properly.

    If privacy is a major concern for you, I highly suggest it.

    More details on this link: Proxomitron

    Just RTM
    Some features:
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    This seems to be the root of the problems.
    and it tries to download this

    Anyone ever hear of this site and this exe? I can't seem to find it on the web anywhere and I don't want to go to the site for fear of downloading more junk.

    I've tried to filter and block, but all that does is block me from going to normal websites because this popup follows it and it thinks it is part of the website.

    Also, if I change my web browser, like suggested, won't this popup thing still be on my computer and isn't there a chance it could affect the new browser?
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    The site doesn't even load on Mozilla.. so give it a try. FireFox from Mozilla is what i'm using atm..

    BTW - you might want to edit the links, because you don't want someone to accidentally run the program, and suddenly they have they'll get the same problems as you!
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    Pro-Mozilla/Opera, anti-Internet Explorer FUD

    That site does not load with Internet Explorer, either. All I get is a security warning (it asks for permission to allow the site to "install and run...," and I answer "no") and a blank browser window. What are your security settings, Hugo?

    I would try using a registry cleaner. There are some free registry cleaners that seem to go far beyond (within the registry, at least) what AdAware and Spybot S&D do.

    Also, you might want to crank up your security settings. This will mean that everytime you want to access the full functionality of a friendly site that uses scripts (like PhysicsForums) you will have to copy its url (up to the first slash) and paste that into <Internet Options> <Security> <Trusted Sites>. You will end up having to do this paste operation several times a day, but if you memorize the quick-key combinations needed for this operation it isn't too much of a bother (you never have to paste twice for the same domain {unless it uses multiple domains like some complex web sites used by high-security businesses like financial institutions and cell phone companies}) -- and a bad site will never take you by surprise.
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    One other thing to add to what's been said: IF this is poping up at unrelated sites, it could have a source resisdent in your harddrive as a form of cookie type program called an ad. Download and run a free utility called "Ad-aware" by Lavasoft. Run this program occassionally and it will rid your computer of this type of ad program.

    here is their sitelavasoftusa
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    That's basically what I thought, you beat me to it and added some details. :biggrin:
  16. Apr 17, 2004 #15
    No, there are tons you can do. Internet Explorer is the most popular browser out there. There are plenty of great things to download. A must-have is:

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