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I keep getting this wrong but i think im doing it right can some1 help(topic:charges_

  1. Feb 8, 2010 #1
    i keep getting this question wrong can some1 help


    two point charges located on the x axis: one charge, q1 = -16.0 , is located at x1= -1.650m ; the second charge, q2= 38.5nC , is at the origin x=0. A
    3rd charge is at x=-1.080m and its charge is 45.5nC
    wat is the netforce of the charges acting on charge3?
    (E_o=8.854*10^-12 therefore K=8.99*10^9)

    i know net force on 3 would be to the left and all you have to do is use faradays law twice( Force 1 on 3 and Force 2 on 3) and add those up to get the net force. I keep getting -6.64*10^-6 but its wrong.. can some1help plz

    Fnet= Force 1 on 3+ Force 2 on 3
    =(Kq_1q_3)/D^2(fromx1 to x3) + (Kq_2q_3)D^2(from x2 to x3)

    and yes i converted nC int C (factor of 1*10^-9 rii?)
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    Re: i keep getting this wrong but i think im doing it right can some1 help(topic:char

    Show your calculations with substitutions.
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