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I know, it's stupid but

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    ... here is PF and and most of PF people, do like stupid questions :biggrin:
    Here is the problem:
    Me and my friend planned to translate a book. We have only one book.
    And we don't want to be in the same place, physically, even for one minute.
    Till now, I typed some pages of the book and emailed to her and after translating she would send it to me. You know the process of typing takes me long hours.
    Is there any real translator here to give me advice on this?
    What real translators usually do when they want to translate a book in a team?
    After hours of thinking and thinking I decided to split the book to two equal parts, sending one half to her and keeping the other one for myself. After translating our halves we can merge it again. Is it a good idea?
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    First of all a good idea would be to find friends that you can be in the same room with. But if there really isn't any other way I would sugest using a sccaner. It's a lot faster than typing. Another way would be copy the book with a fotocopyer (I hope this is the right expresion in English) aldo you might have problems if the book is copywrighted. And by the way have you thought of buying another book.
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    what a friendship ;)

    they probably sell the book already translated. what is this book?
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    My sister is a free-lanz translator (usually short docuents like letters) and works alone. I cant think of any books I've read that were translated by a team. If there are any translator teams, each probably works out their own procedures (i.e. there aren't any set guidelines for two-person translations).

    I agree with Lenin, that a photocopier would be a much better way to copy the parts you want to send to your friend.
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