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I know title shoub be put, but I could not think out

  1. Oct 13, 2006 #1
    Dear PF,

    Could you help me with one issue pls.
    Suppose I want to solve equation (1) in attached file.
    I do it as follows: I consider particle at rest (wave function is not dependent on spatial coordinates), So considering only time variable and solving equation I get expresion (2). Then I want to apply Lorentz Boost and move to moving frame. And in this way I'll be able to have solution of equation (1). (Just as described in Bjerken Drell).

    But my problem is how do I treat expression (2) or how can I write it in Lorentz Invariant form just as in Bjerken Drell when they derive Dirac Equation's solution. What possible meaning can have expression (2)? Because in Dirac's case there is expression (3), which has physical meaning (in exponent there are time components of four vectors).

    Could anyone help me please
    Thabks a lot

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