I like Lamborghini Reventon

  1. I like Lamborghini Reventon.
    Sleek, powerful, and only 20 to be made!
    (Veyron is good too!!)

    so..Which is your favourite??
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  3. Danger

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    Re: Cars!!!!!!

    The fancy ones are all great, one of my favourites being the Veyron. When down comes to dirty, though, I'm still in love with my Roadrunner.
  4. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    Maybe the 2cv,

  5. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    My vote is for the Trabant complete with go faster stripes and a nodding dog.
  6. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    My vote goes for Porsche gt3 rs, but any Porsche 911 is simply amazing.
  7. wolram

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  8. brewnog

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    Re: Cars!!!!!!

    I like the Alfa Giulia, the Jag D type and the Lotus Elise. I'm also pretty happy with my Seven and 911.
  9. Danger

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    Re: Cars!!!!!!

    That's just sick. :yuck:
  10. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    Only if you have a roll cage in it.
  11. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    Well, I'm sure this isn't what you meant...


    But stick with me; my story gets better. Above you see my first car (or rather: my grandfather's last car *sob*). Anyway, it was really more of a sentimental thing, rather than a fantastic piece of blingage.

    ORIGINALLY, it was a '92 Buick Century Special.


    At some point after it became mine, I rear ended an SUV with a boat hitch, thereby totaling my front end. And being the kind of kook that I am (and I really couldn't afford to fix it anyway), I decided to put my older sister's front end (from an '85 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera) on onto my car (we were junking her's anyhow).

    It took some minor modifications (thanks entirely to my brother Jim); but eventually, with a cheap paint job at Maaco, I got it to look like this...



    Now, to be a good sport, I should just like to mention also that I was totally in love with this car when I first saw it...


    2009 SEL Dark Ink Blue Ford Fusion; which to me at least, is even nicer than the present incarnation.
  12. turbo

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    Re: Cars!!!!!!

    Ferrari GTO 250. I know (professionally only) a fellow that owns one, and he paid millions for it. Of course he could well afford it, so that's not a concern, but he did buy near the top of the market. He dabbles in other collectibles, too, which is how I came to have him on my call-list.
  13. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    Right about that..

    Though the story does get interesting as you said!
  14. Ivan Seeking

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  15. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    Hell, yes.
  16. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    Pagani Zonda has to be my favourite, everything a supercar should be. But the Veyron is the greatest car ever made. fact.
  17. Re: Cars!!!!!!

    Could only be owned by a drug dealer. Very successful drug dealer mind you.
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