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I love American Idol

  1. Feb 27, 2008 #1
    I don't know this kid's name, but last night on American Idol I heard the most amazing version of "Imagine" I've ever heard. This little kid is only 17 years old and he almost made me cry last night.
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    David Archuleta. He was amazing! He did make me cry.
    Here is a link to his http://www.americanidol.com/videos/?vid=966&pcs=499"
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    I work with a bunch of guys who don't watch american idol and I think they think I'm a wuss for bringing it up, but I couldn't stop thinking about that performance. It really blew me away.
    Simon Cowell's found a few other people that had that effect on me. check out a couple of people from Britain's Got Talent. Paul Potts and Connie Talbot. They were awesome too.
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    The first few years American Idol was on I wouldn't watch it thinking it just a fad. The first year I watched was season 3 and I now am hooked. Everyone I work with watches it and that is what we talk about first thing the next morning.
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    Yeah, that was a great performance. He even added his own style to the song and it worked. He has talent, but I can't say it made me cry.

    I don't watch the first half of the season of American Idol anymore because some of those performances make me cry. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x209ez_william-hung-she-bangs-american-ido_fun" that I'm sure many people are already familiar with. Some are much much worse than this. It's heartbreaking.
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    Great link trib, it works.

    Don't like that song at all, so it's hard to really get into it.
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    I love that young man! I want to adopt him and make him my own..
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    Where is he from? I didn't see it (don't watch AI) but it sounds good. John Lennon is one of my heros/idols. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo that is a half and half of his and Kurt Cobain's faces.
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    Actually didn't Kurt Cobain only have half a face? Eventually.
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    He was only found with a small amount of blood coming out of his ear, and was believed to be sleeping at first glance, so no, he never had half a face.
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    This kid is so heavily over-emoting "Imagine" that I find it sickening. Sorry, fans. I have played and sung music for decades (and have been paid for doing so) and this kid wouldn't have earned more than a a cursory set at the blues/rock jams that I've hosted, nor would I have entertained incorporating him into any band. This is really BAD.

    What is Idol about anyway? Collecting a bunch of wannabe's and eventually selecting the candidate that appears to suck less than the others?
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    The only semi-talent to have come from AI is Chris Daughtry (IMO)
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    Ugh...I don't like his performance at all! If he's "the one to beat" then the rest of the competition must be absolutely dreadful. His range seems limited (seemed to flatten out some parts of the song rather than reach for the notes that would have made it interesting to listen to), his voice is overly breathy, and why can't he pronounce any Ds or Ls at the end of words? He dropped every one of them it seemed, like he has some sort of speech impediment...really annoying trait for a singer. If he keeps taking voice lessons, he might have some potential, but he's really not at a professional level at all right now.
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    For the most part all of the participants are amateurs. They may have been paid to sing at some point, such as in a small band etc. Yet the rules of the show do not allow anyone who has ever signed and performed under a contract to enter the competition.

    I like it because it is one of the few programs left on prime time television that is truly suitable for the entire family.

    The average viewing audience is about 30,000,000
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    Still, they're competing for a record contract, aren't they? So, they need to compete at a professional level, and not like a bunch of kids who couldn't even win a high school variety show competition.

    I think there was some rumors recently that they weren't actually all amateurs. But, I don't remember where I heard them. Maybe contestants were kicked out or something...this isn't high on my list of things to pay close attention to, just recall hearing some glimpse of something probably while flipping channels.

    On that account, I agree. It's unfortunate, but I guess no worse than The Gong Show or Star Search when I was a kid/teen.
  19. Feb 29, 2008 #18
    You people are nuts. That is an amazing performance. Keep listening to it, it gets better after about the thirtieth or fortieth time. You people have no souls
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    I'm so with you on that one tribdog! I have played and sung for many years too, but there is a giant difference when you do it in front of a camera, and a group of people who are very critical of you.
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