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I Love/Hate Tidy

  1. As ordered as the Reals

  2. As chaotic as Boltzman's beard

  1. Oct 13, 2006 #1
    I just felt the urge to let everyone know how much i hate tidyness.

    I am curious what percentage of the PF peeps are Orderly/Chaotic in terms of organising objects around them.

    Are you a "Everything in its place, and a place for everything" person or a "The state of maximum entropy is my most probable state" person?

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    Edit: OOps i seem to have Capitalised the B in Beard rather than Boltzman, how chaotic of me! sorry..
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  3. Oct 13, 2006 #2


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    I like ordered, but I'm chaotic.

    When I have time, I definitely clean up and so on.
  4. Oct 13, 2006 #3

    Chi Meson

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    (not the PF member "entropy," I simply embody the concept of "piles of paper falling over")
  5. Oct 13, 2006 #4


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    I call my preferred style "organized chaos." There actually is organization to everything I do, but it's not necessarily anything that would make sense to anyone but me. It certainly doesn't look tidy. For example, keeping articles I need to read in a file cabinet doesn't work for me. Keeping them in piles surrounding me, organized by topic does.

    There are two exceptions when I turn into a compulsive neat freak. One is when working in shared space (i.e., the lab). Then, things quickly get out of control where nobody can find anything if you don't always keep things perfectly organized and tidy all the time. I always tell people that I don't care what their desk looks like, if they prefer to create avalanches of paperwork, or to keep it looking completely clean and sterile, that's their space to do as they want, but shared space must be kept organized.

    The second exception is when I have a big project that I'm gearing up to do. Then everything in my life gets organized...office, home, etc. But, that's mostly because I know that once I'm totally consumed with the project, everything else is going to slide, so it helps me avoid complete chaos if things start out very tidy and organized so by the time I'm done, they're still manageable (the difference between having a few loads of laundry accumulate and completely running out of clean clothes).
  6. Oct 13, 2006 #5
    I am somewhat in the middle, though I would say I am more ordered than chaotic.
  7. Oct 13, 2006 #6
    me too----in the middle---
    it just depends.

    when i feel like being tidy, i m ....if not.....gosh ....my desk would be as if a storm came through(espeacially during exams n all)


    so i m

    miss ordered catrosthophe!(pls don mind my spelling errors if any)
  8. Oct 13, 2006 #7
    Keep it clean! Keep it tidy!
    I dislike miss-placed items, I hate searching for stuff, a frustrating waste of time.
  9. Oct 13, 2006 #8
    I agree with hypatia but probably go a bit extreme over keep things clean and neat. Everything has its place and I absolutely hate dust and smudgey windows
  10. Oct 13, 2006 #9


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    I am tidy, if i have no use for some thing it goes in the bin, some times i chuck stuff i want later on :grumpy: the theory is the less stuff i have the easier it is to find, the only thing i have to work out now is how to reduce my collection of pairs of odd socks.
  11. Oct 13, 2006 #10


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    I tend not to discard things, and though it looks chaotic, I know where everything is (until my wife "tidies up" and hides everything). I have never had a tidy workshop, though when I work on machinery, I strive for perfection and try not to "cludge" anything, but to fix it properly. My wife is pretty tolerant, and there are many times that I have had old tube amplifiers and motorcycle carburetors torn down on the kitchen table overnight.
  12. Oct 13, 2006 #11
    I am an extremely neat, tidy person who has given up to live in clutter because I despair of ever getting everything organized.
  13. Oct 13, 2006 #12
    So what you need is someone neat who'll put everything in the right place
  14. Oct 13, 2006 #13
    No. No one else has a chance of organizing my stuff correctly. What I want is someone who'll inspire me with a deep, positive enthusiasm for tidying it up myself. That probably won't happen. These kinds of reforms have to be self generated to be lasting and meaningful.
  15. Oct 13, 2006 #14


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    My approach is pretty much "a place for everything, and everything in something else's place". W is somewhat the same, but much worse. She hates untidiness, and has gone to the extent of putting things away while I was still using them. Unfortunately, she never puts them in the same place twice. :grumpy:
  16. Oct 13, 2006 #15
    My things are always in the same place, colour coordinated, lined up in height or size/ kind order you name it I have done it. Makes everything so easy to find
  17. Oct 13, 2006 #16


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    That's just sick...
  18. Oct 13, 2006 #17
    Maybe a bit obsessive I admit but just can't help it
  19. Oct 13, 2006 #18


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    That sounds just like what cleaning services do. :rofl: One of my friends hires a cleaning service. I always thought they just did stuff like vacuum the floors, scrub the bathrooms, etc., but he said they also tidy up things, so I dared to ask, "How do they know where to put things?" His answer was that that's the fun of it; when they're done, you can go on a scavenger hunt for your stuff. :rolleyes: I don't see the usefulness to that, but I guess some people don't care where things are put away as long as someone else does it. It would drive me nuts.
  20. Oct 14, 2006 #19
    Yeah, it's got an Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder* perfectionist feel to it. I have something like the opposite obsession: deliberately arranging things to attain a kind of perfect imperfection, or perfect imbalance.

    *As opposed to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which is essentially an anxiety-relieving behavior.
  21. Oct 14, 2006 #20
    I dont think untidyness makes things harder to find, provided nobody messes up the order things fall in. I find that they are usually ordered by time, those i use most frequently are at the top, the others at the bottom. :wink:

    I think id waste energy putting things away, more than i would searching for them. Especially if i use them frequently. Of course i have a place for the important and infrequently used things, like legal documents and bills.

    EDIT: Thanks to whoever corrected my Boltzman blunder :)
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