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I love my smartphone

  1. Apr 21, 2016 #1
    I love my smartphone. I love my new one more than my old one, and I Ioved my old one a lot. My old one was an LG Optimus F6. It had a 245 pixel density. 540 x 960 4.5 inch screen. Snapdragon 400 chipset, dual core Krait, 1.2 G's. It even had an Adreno GPU.

    Unfortunately, it only have 4 gigs of internal memory, which means I could only download 3 apps, Netflix, McDonald's, and PhysicsForums.

    So I got a new smartphone for $130 that I can watch VR on, the Samsung Galaxy S4. It's got a 1080p screen, 441 pixel density. When I bought the phone, I asked the guy to take the phony picture off the face. He said there was none. That's how great the pixel density is. The Samsung S6-S7 is even better, 1440-2596, but I don't have 7 hundo to burn. The S4 is a miracle of technology. It's got Corning Gorilla glass 3, whereas the LG Optimus has Gorilla glass 2 (what's the difference?). I think they got Corning Gorilla glass 4 out now!!!

    The Samsung S series is the gold standard in smartphones, so the real benefit of having the phone is the "gyro" feature that allows you to experience virtual reality (VR), through a google cardboard headset.

    Another advantage over my old Optimus F6 is the new "Lollipop" 5.0.1. operating system. This allows me to use a Google cast feature on the phone whereby anything I can display on my smartphone I can cast to my Samsung 40 inch 3D TV with 120 hz motion correction.

    So what's my point? My point is ditch your old smartphone and go to Boost mobile and get a Galaxy S4 for $130 bucks and enrich your existence.

    Also, they got this new thing now called Google 360. There's a little thing on youtube videos that you can tap that's the google cardboard icon that allows you to experience VR youtube videos. The guy that sold me the phone said that feature was only available on the Galaxy S6 and S7. But that was wrong, I've had my head in the clouds watching Google 360 video's all day on my Unofficial Cardboard headset. Get on board and quit being bored.

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    Uh ... just bought some stock in Samsung, did you? :smile:
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    Lol. Maybe that was a good buy. I don't know. Business is funny
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    Can you make phone calls on it?
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    I think it's only good for watching video porn, but he's OK with that :smile:
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    Yes. Lol. I forget who said it, but someone said that smartphones aren't actually phones, they're supercomputers with a phone option. But yes, I can make phone calls.
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    Thanks Phinds, But I don't watch porn. However, if you want to know a true story, I drive a white Kia Rio and I had my oil changed recently. And although I had my super advanced smartphone to entertain me during my wait, I went old school and picked up a magazine. Sure enough, the lead article was about VR porn.


    So yes, I went to pornhub and watched the VR porn and was disgusted by it, so I don't recommend it
  9. Jan 20, 2017 #8

    I was blacked out on New years eve and somehow broke my Galaxy S4. I don't know what happened because the phone didn't look damaged, but the screen display wouldn't come on. This was bad news because I was in downtown and couldn't order an Uber. So I had to charm the guy at the late night pizza parlor to call an Uber on his account (amidst a line of about 100 people). I have to go back and throw him a 20 when I get a chance.

    In any case, I took the opportunity to switch phone companies again and get a good deal. So now I'm back with MetroPCS after a battle with Boost mobile who didn't want me to leave. But I got a Galaxy S6 for $349. Screaming deal. Plus, they have a deal going on through this weekend where you can get two people signed up for 60 bucks (30 apiece) and get 6 gigs of LTE data speeds (each) per month. Unbeatable. My mom was already on MetroPCS so I combined our accounts and now we both only pay $30 a month and get 6 gigs of LTE speeds. Sweet. Try to beat that. Plus, I gt the Galaxy S6 for $350. Try to beat that one too.

    But you can do it too, the offer stands through the weekend.

    The S6 really is a marvel of technology. I got the "black sapphire" model with the steel (like) bezel rim. Beautiful. I just sit and marvel at this wonder of technology all day long. I haven't even left the house in three days. I just roll it over and over in my hands, the glass surfaces just sliding through my fingers, occasionally launching a youtube or netflix video on the chromecast app. Occasionally placing it (gently) into my (well-worn) google cardboard headset to watch some virtual-reality porn on the 1440p setting. I watch other things besides porn with the Samsung Galaxy S6's 577 ppi pixel density screen:


    Such as a really cool google 360 train flyby on youtube:

    If you have a phone that can handle it and a VR headset, you really need to check that out.. I also took a really cool virtual tour of Google's memory server bank the other day. Felt like I was really there o0)

    Plus, there's thousands of more experiences where that came from so why not drop a few hundred bucks and get a 577 ppi phone? Plus, I tested my new phone and, not only can it handle 1440 videos, it can handle them at 60 fps. Sweet. A small price to pay for a really compelling VR experience. You can get better with the Oculus or Vive but you'e gonna have to bust 2-3 large on the hardware and setup. I'll get there eventually because I love VR but this is a good for now.

    Originally, my intention was to hold out for the Galaxy S8 and drop the big bucks once it comes out in April (or May) because the rumor is that it's going to have a true 4K screen. That's not confirmed, though, although the pattern seems to be that Samsung comes out with an "revolutionary" version of the smartphone every odd year and then follows that up with an "evolutionary version" the next year. Where we can associate the revolutionary aspect with an enhanced screen display pixel density. So we'll see. In the meantime, I feel I have the state of the art smartphone experience even though it's an S6.
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    You are not alone.


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    I like my phone, but I like my tablet more :smile:. I bought a cheap dual boot (both Windows & Android OS) Chuwi Vi10 from China for $195 (incl 64 GB RAM and keyboard case) which was a bargain considering the specifications at that time. And I do not regret the buy. And I think there are better tablets from Chuwi now, so maybe I will upgrade...

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot to say I also have a Samsung phone, a Galaxy Grand 2 which I also bought cheap from China. I'm still pleased with it, and I can use it to make phone calls :smile:.
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  12. Feb 20, 2017 #11
    Bought a 16GB micro SD few days ago with 'life time warranty' for 1300 Sri Lankan rupees (about US$12). A hell of a deal. Also the reading and writing speeds are good!
  13. Feb 20, 2017 #12
    does it sing songs until you fell asleep?
  14. Feb 20, 2017 #13
    I bought a $30 ZTE from Walmart after my Galaxy S4 broke for a short term replacement. It's a great phone. Even though the phone contract is bust I can still use it for everything else at home as it's connected to my home wifi. So it's the workhorse around the house for pedestrian tasks such as casting youtube videos, Netflix movies, and looking up the ages and scandals of actors on the web when I'm watching TV. I only bust out the fine China, the Galaxy S6, when want to do some Virtual Reality "gear VR" stuff, or when I need to take it with me on the road. This way I think I can preserve it's lifespan.

    Absolutely. That's the best part. I listen to a lot of guided meditation and ASMR videos on youtube when I'm trying to sleep. It works great. And this is a good example of what I was talking about above. I invariably use the $30 ZTE as the workhorse to do that because oftentimes I'll thrash around in my sleep and knock the phone off the bed. So the $30 ZTE takes the fall and the physical abuse and the $350 S6 is safe. For audio-only media, the ZTE is virtually indistinguishable from the S6. And when I'm trying to go to sleep, my eyes are closed, so the ZTE works just fine.
  15. Feb 22, 2017 #14
    I wish it wouldn't catch fire. I'll never trust a $30 used phone to sleep with me! Li-ion batteries possess the risk of catching fire, specially a used Chinese phone. Keep it away from things that can catch fire immediately like your mattress.
    Besides didn't you get the sarcastic tone of my question related to singing songs? :-p:biggrin:
    Anyways you've got a great way of mobile phone operation! :wink:
  16. Feb 22, 2017 #15
    Yes I did. That's why I responded with an equally obnoxious and sarcastic "straight" response. Haha :biggrin:
  17. Mar 14, 2017 #16


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    I simply had to share my new toy here; I just got a ridiculously cheap but pretty good smartwatch (Aplus GV18, about $17) delivered to me. It can sync with Android devices, has bluetooth, some tool apps, camera (the camera is very bad, but hey, it's cool anyway), FM radio, mp3 player, speaker, mic, SD card slot, good battery, and it can take a SIM card so you can use it as a stand-alone phone (!). I feel like James Bond :biggrin:.

    But of course, it can't do VR, @DiracPool...:smile:

    Here's a pic of it (from a Polish site):
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  18. Mar 14, 2017 #17


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    I use my smartphone as little as possible. (It's a Galaxy S7 Edge -- top of the line about 12 months ago when I bought it as part of a Vodafone package plan.) I only keep it because it's pretty much impossible to function in the modern world without a mobile phone that can also do texting easily. Fortunately, I spend most of my time in front a large-screen ordinary computer.

    Most of all, I don't like how both Google/Android and Apple/iPhone try to take over your life and extract so much of one's inner soul into their databases. Shame that a truly opensource non-totalitarian Linux smartphone didn't take off.
  19. Mar 21, 2017 #18
    You got all these for just $17?. Or my what a bargain. Really. Did you buy it on Amazon or e-bay? Well it may not function perfectly but for 17 bucks with all those features, man you've got a day!
  20. Mar 21, 2017 #19


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    I have a "stupidphone," a Nokia model that's at least 15 years old. I rarely turn it on, and only charge it about twice a year. I don't give out the number (and in fact, I don't know the number, although I have it taped to the back), so no one calls me on it. The only time I use it is when I'm on the road and want to call home.

    I agree that it's difficult to function in the modern world without a cell phone, but I'm semi-retired. If someone needs to contact me, I have a landline at the house, and a couple of email addresses.

    My wife is really into the Apple phones. My biggest complaint about receiving pictures on a smart phone is that the images are barely larger than postage stamps. If an image is worth viewing, I can look at it on the 27" monitor at my computer, or even on my 55" TV screen (there's a USB port on my TV).

    Or that people become so obsessed with staying in touch that they have to constantly check their phones for messages and texts. Are these messages really so important? I would guess that the vast majority of them aren't.

    I don't do texts, as I refuse to type on anything smaller than an actual keyboard. I might make an exception to this to get a satellite device (DeLorme) that you can use to send text messages when you're out of range of cell towers. Since the long hikes I do are often well beyond the range of any cell towers, the only way to communicate in an emergency is via satellite. My buddy that I do long hikes with has one of these, and I will probably get one as well.
  21. Mar 21, 2017 #20


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    Hi @HyperTechno!
    I bought it on AliExpress, and here's the link: GV18 watch. (EDIT: I just noticed the price had changed somewhat). Please note that there are also MANY other watches of various price categories on AliExpress, so if you are interested you should have a look around on that site. See e.g. this link. And I usually also look at various reviews on youtube before I make a buy. EDIT: Oh, I also should say that delivery times for things from Ali can be between 30-60 days, but you can find amazing bargains there, and they have an enormous range of products. I bought my phone and tablet on Ali. I also buy ridiculously cheap electronics components there (electronics is one of my hobbies).

    When I posted before I had just got the watch and had not tried it, and it has some quirks, but hey, it's a ridiculously cheap watch. Actually I was looking for a cheap mp3 player when I stumbled upon the watch, and decided I might as well buy the watch, since it can play mp3. Here are the quirks so far:

    1) It is compatible with Android devices (via bluetooth), and I can sync with my phone, but the watch itself does not run on Android, but some special, funky OS. Which means you can not install any apps on it. Actually, people on the net say that many (most?) apps won't work properly even on real Android watches, since the apps are not designed for such tiny screens.

    2) The camera is not good at all, but I did not expect it either... and the boring thing is that when I have uploaded the photos from the watch to the computer, I can't open them, it's something strange with the file format. So that does not seem to work. But I can watch the photos on the watch, of course.

    3) I haven't made any phone calls with it yet, so I don't yet know that it works as expected.

    But the mp3 and bluetooth works, so it's a pretty fun gadget for such a small price. Here's a demo/review of it:

    (in the review he plays mp3 from his phone to his watch, but the watch also works as a standalone mp3 player, you can put in a SD card, plug the watch into the computer and transfer mp3 files to the watch)

    EDIT: I just tried using the watch as a wireless mp3 player, connecting it to a bluetooth speaker, and it works perfect :smile:. I think I can also connect it to wireless bluetooth headphones, but I have not got any, I'm still looking for a pair, I have not decided which ones, here is a cheap example: Andoer LH-811.
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