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I met hot girl, but

  1. May 28, 2005 #1
    >today while drinking coffe at starbucks i meet this hot hot girl,(all dudes were devouring her with their eyes) we talked about stuff, she gave me her e-mail. everything sounds perfect, :frown: unfortunatelly in two days i'm flying 6,000km to my old folks and i will stay with them for about 3-4 months :(
    what to do ??what to do ??? i have allready plane ticket, if i cancell my flight for monday i'm gonna have to pay 200 $ extra .
    ps.i did not have any girlfriend in ages.
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    Someone's in trouble! :eek:
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    Can you get a date in before you leave. See how the date goes and then tell her that you'll be gone for a few months and you would like to see her when you get back. Maybe send her a postcard if she is alright with that. Some nice little surprise is always good. And then post a picture here so we can all see her. :biggrin:
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    Remember, at the very least, 4 pictures - 2 pictures of her with different clothes, and 2 without clothes. :biggrin:
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    i'm working on it, however there just two days left and i must prepare mentally for a date at least a week.
    "fun" does not end there guys. she told me when i come back here after 3 months, then she is leaving and is going back home. :mad:
    btw. she is some kinda exchange student from germany.
  7. May 28, 2005 #6
    That blows big time. What part of the world do you live in?
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    don't you think 2 days is little bit too early for pictures and all that stuff ?
    anyway I try my best.
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    i live in canada.
  10. May 28, 2005 #9
    That's harsh. Germany is a long way from Canada. Keeping a long distance relationship is difficult. Hopefully you can find some time to get to know her. I don't know what else to say.
  11. May 28, 2005 #10
    She is looking for a Canadian Green Card.
  12. May 28, 2005 #11

    I hardly think so as a canadian work visa isnt exactly difficult to come by.
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    Just tell them you want to learn how to make circular bacon and maple syrup, they'll let you in. :biggrin:

    Or you can tell them you ran out of toilet paper. :biggrin:
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    Buy her a plane ticket
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    Are your parents dying? If not, then they can wait, and you can stay with this German cutie :smile:
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    First off, be glad that you met her after you started showering again. At least that leaves some hope for the future.
  17. May 28, 2005 #16
    yeah Danger ! that is the secret to the success. shower.
    so all the BS with pheromones is a BS.
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    geez dude you will accept an advise from us NERDS and GEEKS on how to date a HOT girl?

    wrong place to post in !

    but in case you still wondering what to do: see her before you leave, and if she ever comes back she'll be one of your entries in the black book

    yes, I said the black book. No, not the recipies. Yes, the booty call list. I know you didnt have any entries before - this will be a first one :biggrin:
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    Good point.
    Also remember that if you cancel a flight to be a girl you just met, that would come off as extremely desperate. Sort of creepy actually.
  20. May 28, 2005 #19

    You can't be serious. He just met the chick and you're bringing *that* up? Jeebus christo.
  21. May 28, 2005 #20
    He took the time and effort to post here. I decided I would take his request for advice seriously. Ultimately, stoned will make his own decision.

    Some of us enjoy having emotions.
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