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I missed a Pinchas Zukerman concert, can't find his schedule

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    Hi guys,
    I feel extremely sad/destroyed to have missed a concert by Pinchas Zukerman. It occured 2 days ago, only 3 blocks away from my flat. I don't have many hopes he will come back here, but if he comes to Argentina again I might assist to his performance. However I can't find his schedule.
    For example on this page http://www.kirshdem.com/artist.php?...&month&submit=GO&monthsel&yearsel=2&cid=14947, they don't show his real schedule since he was in Argentina 2 days ago and it's not written there. Also I doubt I can really trust this schedule http://www.ticketmaster.com/Pinchas-Zukerman-tickets/artist/804185 for upcoming events. They don't seem to be all of them.
    He doesn't seem to have a website. I feel hopeless.
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    My guess is that the performance near you was a spur-of-the-moment inclusion in his schedule. It may only have been decided a couple weeks ago, so there was little advanced notice. His published schedule is probably good, but wouldn't include a last minute decision like this.

    If you know where it was held you can certainly find out who hosted it and get on their email list to be notified if any such thing happens again.
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