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I Model It

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    Dear All,

    I would like to introduce this website; http://www.imodelit.com" [Broken] . imodelit.com portal is an online library of device modeling tools for electrical engineers. It offers unique solution to satisfy the initial design steps of optical and microwave components. imodelit.com main goal is to bring to the electrical engineering community highly advanced on-line and on-demand design software that are needed frequently by students, researchers, professors and designers.

    Kindly, check the website and send your feedback about it, categories, applets' functionality, applets' interface, shareware,..... Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    imodelit Moderator
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    I'm not sure if this post will be able to stay. It's advertising, but the website applets appear to be free at the moment, so I'll leave the post here while we decide whether it should be deleted.
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