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I must be a superficial jerk

  1. May 24, 2007 #1
    My gf recently lost weight and is now down to 103 lbs. I find myself more attracted to her than before. I'm sorry, but I just like skinny. I find skinny girls so much more attractive than non-skinny girls. Does this make me superficial?
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    No, that does not make you superficial.

    I personally like a nice round... :wink:
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    Hm, that sounds like a straightforward example of being superficial to me. But I don't think that being superficial is necessarily bad. You said that you are more attracted to her. So you mean that are deriving pleasure from or appreciating or valuing the appearance of something, right? What is wrong with that? It doesn't mean that you exclude or neglect other things, although I guess that's probably what others mean when they use it in a bad way.
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    I think it is okay to love her more when she gets skinny as long as you don't love her less when she gets fat.
    Why did she lose the weight? to be more attractive, you better be more attracted or you are in trouble.
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    you were attracted even before and i think thats what counts

    when you start ignoring everything else about her just for her looks, then its superficial
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    Its summer and all the girls are getting toooo skinny uuugh. Someone should give them a donut.
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    103 lbs. That's pretty slight. How tall is she? Is she a healthy weight?
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    She's just a gf. Unless you two have planned this to always be a long-term committed relationship (liken to marraige) the whole premise of the relationship is superficial. Why act like it isn't? Otherwise you are just setting yourself up for misery when it's over. Have fun with it.
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    .....or you have a fetish with skinny girls. :biggrin:
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    She is 5 feet tall. She has never weighed more than 115 lbs, but I like her at 103 lbs.
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    I wouldn't call it superficial; at 5 feet and 103 lbs, there's not much superficies to go, is there :biggrin:

    ok, now that I got my obligatory lame joke of the day done and over with:

    I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with being slightly "superficial". I mean, if you have no sexual attraction to a sexual-partner... then you might as well remain just friends. obviously the definition of what is and is not attractive may vary from person to person... whatever bloats your float I always say (ok... two lame puns today). but if there's no attraction in the relationship then there's a problem. so what's wrong with trying to make yourself as attractive to your partner as possible?

    I personally like girls who are somewhat short, but I think girls look better when they're not supermodel-skinny... curves are nice; pillows are much more comfortable than park-benches (ok... three lame jokes. but that's it! I swear!). I also find brunettes and redheads in general way cuter than blonds... why are guys all so obsessed with blonds??
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    There's absolutely no reason you should be with someone you find disgusting or unattractive. That's just ridiculous!
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    Your girlfriend gets hotter, and you enjoy it, so your superficial? Bollocks. I'd hit that.
  15. May 25, 2007 #14
    Hear! Hear! Redheads with Curves! woot. :bugeye:
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    Well that depends on why she's lost weight::uhh:
    1. You keep telling her that you'll like her more if she loses some weight and be a skinny girl!
    2. Some people lose weight when things aren't going on well especially in relatioships.
    So if these are not the cases, you are not a superficial jerk or at least not in a bad way!
    because they're blond!
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    I don't see how 'Why' matters at all. He likes her cause she looks better, superficiality is a cultural myth to make ugly people feel better.
  18. May 25, 2007 #17
    :!!) O ya

    on the other hand, I think the way a girl carries herself can really affect her overall hotness level (scientifically speaking). I've found myself attracted to girls who I wouldn't normally find that attractive just because they were a lot of fun to talk to and carried themselves with confidence. ... but I'm no saint, I would be lying if I said that personality alone can win me over, or that I would turn down a really hot girl because she had an "ugly personality"
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    I didn't say that he's superficial becuase he likes her gf now more than before and I think there's nothing wrong with letting your partner know what sorta appearance he prefers and even persuades her to lose/gain weigh to look better. However personally I can't stand it if someone wants to take it so harsh on me and make me think that look is the only thing that matters to him in a relationship.
    BTW, I might be a superficial person as well since I nicely asked my bf to shave his mustache and he did!o:)
  20. May 25, 2007 #19
    So? Mustache's are hideous. I mean, normally I'd say beauty is completely subjective, but I draw the line at Mustache's. They suck. Plain, simple.
  21. May 25, 2007 #20
    mmmmm, curvy redhead with confidence... :!!)
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