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I need 6 classes to graduate

  1. Aug 23, 2013 #1
    Good morning, im currently a Senior in Computer Engineering over the summer i took 4 classes one of them were algorithm the teacher was not that great and failed half of the class (including my self), i didnt study as much as i could for the class so i kinda deserved failing, So at the moment i need 6 classes to graduate (18 credits), im Currently working as a software engineer making ok money, So employer has told me that when i graduate he will double my salary..

    So basically if i take this 18 credits i can graduate but... I dont have financial aid so i have to pay for my own classes, i probably dont qualify for financial aid because i have taken to many credits (3 major changes), so student loan is out.. which means that i have to pay for all of it, i already payed for 12.. So i would need to pay with a credit card the other 6 and i have alot of debts.. If i take 18 credits i can probably work 20h max per week, and barely get by.. or i can choose not to graduate and take 12 now, which would allow me to work around 35+ hours per week and then take 6 on the spring semester.. or suck it up and take 18... The problem is by taking 18 there is the chance i fail a class and wasted all the effort (specially since i have to take that same class i failed with the same professor)...

    At the moment i reallllly need the money... But i also want to graduate, and if i do ill get double what im making now at 40 hours a wk... not sure what to do :(
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    I think you are being ambitious. I know for certain that I wouldn't have been able to take 18 credits and work 20 hours a week in one semester. You will need to spend some time out of class for reading, homework, studying...

    I would take 9 cr. in the fall and 9 cr. in the spring (but not work 35+ hours a week as well; I would do less). BTW, why did you say 12 and 6 instead of 9 and 9? Is there a class that doesn't meet in the spring?
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    Out of the 18 credits (6 classes) there is one class that its fairly easy, just go to class and write 2 essays so not a big deal thats why i said 12 :)
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    Sounds like you already see the answer to your question.
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    I can understand wanting to finish school and get on with life and earn a larger paycheque.

    Six classes in one semester is generally considered overloading... certainly doable, but if you're planning on working 20 hours a week at the same time, there isn't a lot of room there to compensate for those hiccups of life that happen from time to time. And, as you've pointed out, if you're spreading yourself too thin there's a realistic risk of failure.

    So what about the more relaxed route? Split it up - do nine units now and nine later (or twelve and six). This will allow you to work more and be more comfortable. Sure, it's not ideal, when you feel like you could be making more, but (a) you'll be able to fit in more part-time work which means more money while you're in school, and (b) you'll be able to spend more time on your classes.

    The other thing to remember is that you're realistically talking about the difference between December and April. If you can survive for four months, eight shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Next... this jumps out at me.

    Credit card? Seriously?

    By the tone of your post it sounds like you haven't actually gone down and spoken to anyone at your student financial aid office. I would do this. They can help you to figure out the best way to pay for school, even if you don't qualify for specific scholarships. There may be a debt consolidation program that you qualify for or perhaps a student line of credit. Double check on scholarships and financial assistance packages too.
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    I recommend against getting more debt at this point, even if there are loans available they are likely to have punitive rates. I think, you have a job now, better to stay in it and do the 9 credits * 2.
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