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I need a PCB designer program

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    Im designing a PCB and i need a software that is able to change the size of the components (e.g. the length of the resistor).
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    I don't know what you mean by changing the size of the components, everyone of these pcb program can do it.

    I just learn the Cadsoft Eagle pcb and schematic program. You can get free download trial version.


    It's not the best in the world, but you can try it out and it is very cheap if you want to buy it.
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    What do you mean by "change the size"? Resistors and other discrete components only come in a limited range of sizes. If you are using the correct libraries for the tool, all the standard sizes should be available to you. Note that for discrete components, not all values are available at all sizes.

    Regarding software, I've found PCB123 to be reasonably good software for the hobbyist on a budget.
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    It that really free? What's the catch? Can you sent the gerber to any place? Sounds like you need to go to particular place to fab the pcb.

    Shoot!!! I just spent 2 weeks learning Eagle, draw the schematic, layout the pcb and generate the gerber file. It still going to cost like $400 to get the 6 layer pcb package.
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    Eagle is good to cut your teeth on, but so is KiCAD:

    Free and open-source. A little lacking in the libraries department (there's at least one website which has "translated" all the basic Eagle libraries to KiCad ones) and no (on-board) autorouter, but without size / layer constraints, and generates gerbers which can be taken to nearly any board house.

    In my experience, all of the schematic capture and PCB layout programs have their own idiosyncrasies (annoyances, bugs, etc.) However, the fundamentals are mostly the same.
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    Yes you do need to use sunstone if you want to use PCB123, but their prices are pretty reasonable. I also use diptrace, which doesn't have that restriction, and is fairly inexpensive.
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    I know that the packages contain different types of components, but i have some about 20-30 years old resistors i want to use, and their size is different than it is of the modern ones in the packages
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    You can create your own footprint in the pcb program. Every pcb layout program I know of let you do that. You just measure the dimension and the lead spacing and create it. In fact, when I learn the Eagle few weeks ago, that's the first thing I learn, creating my own symbol and footprint.
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    Hi regisz90,

    as youngman said, Cadsoft's EAGLE is my preferred program in PCB design.
    I purchased the software 2 years ago and im still satisfied.

    Greetings, Alois
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