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I need a superconductor

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    Does any one know how one might obtain a chemical called "Mercury Thallium Barium Calcium Copper-Oxide"(Hg12Ti3Ba30Ca30Cu45O125)? I searched online, but I couldn't find any vendors.
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    It's possible that you might not be able to purchase it commercially. (It happens.)

    Using Google Scholar, I was able to find this patent. It might serve as a useful starting point for further investigation/online searches, I hope!
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    Thanks for finding the patent!
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    Maybe you have more luck when you search for
    Hg12Tl3Ba30Ca30Cu45O125 (Thallium Tl instead of Titanium Ti)
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    Oh, I have been, I must have just typo'd the "i" when I posted this thread.
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