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I need an advice to prepare alternate renewable fuel

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    Can someone please guide me as to how can i convert inorganic waste to alternate fuel which can be used instead of regular fossil fuel or atleast can be blended with fossil fuels to prepare cleaner fuels.
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    Sounds like you've had an idea and you want us to figure out how to do it. That's not how PF works. Firsts you tell us what you have come up with so far and what your thoughts are on the project.
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    Suggest you Google: convert waste to fuel
    For examples:
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    Well i did searched it on net but all i got was converting organic waste into fuel. and also i did a project on the same where i converted bagasse to furfural which can be furthur treated to produce biofuel. i want to take it to the next level where i can convert inorganic waste to alternate fuel. :)
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