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Homework Help: I need an advice

  1. Jun 2, 2005 #1
    i am a student in the 4 year at the Politehnic University from Bucharest, Romania, on the Power Engineering Faculty and about 3 months ago i discovered Nanotehnology and i am very surprise about it's power. In the university only few people know about nanotehnology, but they can't help me too much. Because i like this field of research and what nanotehnology can do on power energy(generation, storage or saving), 2 weeks ago i made a paper on a Conference in our faculty about The Aplication of Nanotehnology in Energy Sector, most in Power Energy(Renewebles)... so... what i want? I want that next year, when i gratuate, to present a research about the Aplication of Nanotehnology in Power Energy, but only teoretical things are not enough for my final diploma, so i want to corelate the Aplication of Nanotehnology with something tehnical, but i don't know with what because in my country i don't know where to go, who to ask, and find someone to help me...
    SO, i am asking your help to tell me what can i do, to tell me an ideea about an tehnical issue on my paper. Maybe i need to make a simulation of something, but i don't know. Please, give me an ideea...
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