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I need clarification about Bell state Measurements

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    The four bell states are

    1: (|00>+|11>)(2)^-0.5
    2: (|00>-|11>)(2)^-0.5
    3: (|01>+|10>)(2)^-0.5
    4: (|01>-|10>)(2)^-0.5

    I'm looking at super dense coding and the way i thought of it at first was that if a measurement of the first qubit was made then if we consider the first bell state (1) if 0 is the value obtained then the system if forced into the state |00> so that measurement of the second qubit yields 0 with certainty..

    Now take (2) if we measure the first qubit and we get 0 then apparently measurement of the 2nd qubit yields 1 with certainty.. So my way of thinking isn't correct lol

    Can someone clarify?
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    Seems to me you are really into QIT...

    Check out this site of John Preskill. All the answers are in the links to lecture notes, they are highly recommended. I studied quantum info theory from these lectures at college...
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    I'm doing a project on Quantum computing :D
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    well, you will find everything in them notes...feel free to ask more questions though

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