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I Need Experiments

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    I'm gonna get back to experimenting soon and I would like some experiments. Something cool, fun, but with a meaning, a goal. Useful products would be fun, too.
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    This is how I come up with my experiments. I read somewhere in a chemistry book or online about a cool compound or neat reaction and say to myself, "I want to try that out". Most of the time, I don't have the slightest idea how I would synthesize this compound. I first ask myself, "Do I have access to all the elements that make up this compound (either in elemental form or in another chem)?" If, no, then I do some research on OTC sources. Then, I start researching into its production. I first see if the industrial preparation is plausible and if it is, chances are I probably don't have some of the necessary reactants. Then, I look into synthesizing those reactants, and so on. Patents are also good to look at. A good knowledge of chemistry makes the process a whole lot easier but usually I learn the required chemistry of the reactions involved as I go. This is the primary way that I get myself to learn new chemistry. I write the whole process out on paper and it is not uncommon for me to have a lot of steps. Then I experiment each step at a time and the goal, which is usually pretty far off at this point, becomes to reach the end compound. I also use OTC chemicals...it makes the whole process a lot more challenging!

    You could also see an experiment that is cool and then just buy the necessary reactants from some chemical supplier, but they takes away all the fun in my opinion.

    If you are craving new experiments so badly, chances are you have already tried all of the kiddie demonstrations that are common. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend replicating experiments that are in experiment books. Try designing your own instead of asking for other people's. I am not trying to be rude, but I think you'll find it all the more enjoyable!
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    Thanks, I think I'll do exactly that. Now, where to start???
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    Good luck and be sure to share any neat ones you come up!
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    You bet! Already working on getting NaOH.
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