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I need guidance.

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    Hey guys i am new here but hope to be a long time member and help whoever i can in the future. Anyway, I am just finishing up my first year of my Aerospace engineering program at UCF in Orlando and had some questions for some of you who are already in the field. What i was thinking is doing a double major in Mechanical and Aerospace since the classes you need are identical except for around 10, which will probably take me another year or so to graduate but i don't really care about time as long as i do what i love and get things done. My question is, would doing a double major be a good idea?? If so, why? and if there's something else instead of a double major that you think can help me please tell me because now is crunch time for me and i would hate to make the wrong choice. Something else...the reason i got into Aerospace engineering program is because i have always loved space, rockets, ships and going to other worlds etc. So please keep in mind that my dream job would have to be something related to space.

    Thank you so much for your time! It's immensely appreciated!
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