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I need help and ideas!

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    I purchased two of these for 14$:


    What can I make from them? My father suggested making a current transformer but I am wondering what else you think I can use those large copper things for?

    (I just started my first semester of EE, I like tinkering with electronics in my spare time.)
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    BhutJolokia, You have Synergy 6D: Line Voltage Dimmer Power Modules

    Modules include six 20A line voltage dimmers with integral 15A or 20A circuit breakers and are available for 120V, 230V and 277V applications. Each dimmer is equipped with an air-gap relay and an architectural-grade torriodal filter.

    On the Synergy website Click on "Installation instruction sheets" for step-by-step installation procedure, including wiring diagrams:

    http://www.synergylightingcontrols.com/family1.aspx?family=sypmb 6d

    You may use the modules to dim many types of loads.

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    Well, they actually are not working right now. When I picked them up most of the circuit board that's left on them is damaged. I was wonderinf what I could possibly use those copper coil looking things to build something from. I plan on taking them apart later today if I get time so I could post better pictures if needed.

    Also I really appreciate you telling me what they are and pulling the wiring diagrams for me.
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