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I need help choosing an extra class for next semester.

  1. Oct 8, 2012 #1
    I am a Freshman EE/CS major. So far, the classes I have chosen so far are:
    Calc 3 (4 hours)

    Linear Algebra (3 Hours)

    Basic Concepts Of Math ( Mathematical proofs, set theory, mathematical
    induction and recursion, binary relations, functions,
    definition and development of some common number
    systems, cardinal numbers, abstract algebra. ) (3 Hours)

    Comprehensive Physics (Gravity
    A treatment of electromagnetism which builds on relativity
    Atomic, nuclear, and particle physics
    Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics) (5 hours with lab)

    I might add on ODEs, but that is very math heavy as it is.

    That does not resemble classes for a EECS major at all; I am aware of that. My school does not offer the next level of EE classes till the Fall, and I am testing out of the Data Structures and Algorithms class (I took it Senior year of high school).

    I am not sure if adding Chem is wise either, as I've been told the lab itself is a time sink. I am already taking 19 credits this semester, and I've been advised to not slow down my work load as the workload in grad school will be comparable to taking 22 credits.
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    Damn, I did that once, nearly blew my mind. In fact, a schedule very similiar like this is what convinced me to schedule all my classes via spreadsheet to ensure I had a relaxing time.

    I feel like this should course load would be enough for anyone and if felt the need to add one more class, I would advise something less intense like a gen ed course you might need. Classes are fine, but remember to keep time for friends, relaxing, and clubs. There's more to a college education than the classroom.
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