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I need help choosing classes for school

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    Let me start off by saying I am about to start my second semester of my senior year as an electrical engineer. It has always been my interest to design computers, and I have really enjoyed learning about electrical engineering.

    So, it would be much appreciated if people on this forum (electrical engineers) could give me pointers on what classes to take to have an emphasis on computers.

    Some of my Previous classes:
    Typical EE classes (circuits)
    C programming
    Computer engineering (a simple assembly class)
    Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
    Microprocessor Design
    Hardware-Software Interface (IRQ's, differences in memory, effect of cache... essentially more C programming stuff)

    Availiable Classes for this semester:
    Advanced Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
    Advanced Electronics (Switching state models of discrete components and integrated circuits)
    Digital Communication Systems
    Digital Signal Processing
    Quantum Electronics (sounds interesting, but is it really useful as an EE undergrad?)

    So again, I'd like to have an emphasis in computers
    This isn't a complete list of all the classes I have taken, nor all of the classes available. These are just some of the ones I think would help me get an emphasis in computers.

    Any advice would be helpful, thank you.
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    If you are interested in computer hardware you should definitely take Advanced Electronics. As your second elective you should take Digital Signal Processing. It is very important for applications in digital electronics, for example if you want to build a software radio in an FPGA or DSP you would need knowledge of multirate signal proccessing. In case your college offers some VLSI design course you should take it.​

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