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Courses I need help deciding courses to take!

  1. Jun 4, 2012 #1
    I go to a U.S. Service Academy and am currently majoring in Electrical Engineering. As such, I'm not too worried about having a job after graduation because I'm guaranteed a job for at least 5 years. My question is what upper division courses I should take? Does it really matter what I take in undergrad? I'm definitely taking some more programming and networking classes but am wondering if it's worth taking courses like linear algebra, electromagnetics, communications, or electrical power engineering. I struggled with my signals and systems course and am a bit worried about future courses like that.

    Thanks! Will my undergrad courses matter as long as I graduate with an EE degree?

    I'm also hoping to go to flight school and become a pilot as well. Would love to spend a tour as a test pilot. Any guidance would be appreciated!
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    Ask yourself what you want to do! All the classes you mention are important if you intend to work as an EE in the fields of circuit design, RF, communications, power, etc. If you want to work in internet protocols, on the other hand, then your present direction is a good one. If you are headed to a career as a pilot or other field where you aren't relying on your EE expertise to make a living, then it doesn't matter what you do. (I bet you knew that already!)
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