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I need help developing a formula for this example:

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    Hello! I am looking for find a formula based on the generic example I will describe below. This is not for any school project and I am not a mathematician by any means. I will do my best to explain the scenario in hopes that someone can help me with a formula that fits the situation. Here goes:


    Create a formula that can generate a real-time moving ratio during a certain interval of time.


    Let’s say you have food served in two rooms that are right next to each other. The Blue Room on the left has a sign that states “Cookies in here” with an arrow pointing into the room. The Green Room on the right has a sign that states “Healthy Food in here” with an arrow pointing into that room.

    Your goal is to monitor in real time (in one minute intervals and at the end of that interval, the ratio starts over again) how many people go into each room. The end results are a normalized real time ratio as people continue to go into each room, telling you which room is more popular than the other and in real time.


    If a person comes in with a child, that is considered 2 people, thus holding more weight than one person.

    If a MALE walks into a room, it holds 30% more weight than if a female walks into that same room(based on that a male eats more than a female).

    I may be missing points here, but I think this is a start. I really appreciate any help on this subject! Thanks. –Mike
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