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I need help finding the A/I/B thread prefixes

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    I am new to this forum. Some area of study differentiate between expert and amateur. I am an amateur. When I post how do I make sure I choose that designation?
    I am really old and not good at finding the right tab.
    Thanks for helping
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    When you create a thread you can choose between the labels B for beginner, I for intermediate, and A for advanced.
    It is roughly meant to be B - High School, I - undergraduate and A - expert. This label shall determine the kind of answer you may expect and which is appropriate, e.g. the amount and kind of formulas an answer should have. It also affects the language of an answer. It is not meant to classify the question or the field of a particular question, because even the simplest things can be seen in very different perspectives. E.g. if we talk about symmetries, we could talk about the symmetries of geometric objects or transformations, Emmy Noether's theorem of invariant quantities in differential equations, or end up with vector fields.
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    The Prefixes are available only in some of the Physics and Math forums, I believe. When you start a new thread there, look to the left of the Title window, and you will see the Prefix pull-down button. :smile:
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    Thank you so much!
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