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Homework Help: I need help finding volume

  1. Aug 29, 2007 #1
    if antartica is a semicircle w/ a radius of 2000km and the ice covering it is 3000m thick then how many cm3 of ice doe antartica have?(ignore curvature of the earth)

    anyone know this? i forgot the formula ^^;
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    someone? anyone? i rly need to know so i can go to bed. D:
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    man this rly sucks. its the last question too.
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    Well, that will teach you not to post homework questions in the general technical forums :rolleyes: It's not just a PF rule, you really do get the best homework help in the Homework Help forums.


    I'll go ahead and move your question to a Homework Help forum now.


    And here in the Homework Help forums, we ask you to show some of your work before giving you tutorial help. It sounds like you are just asking for the formula to calculate the volume of a cylinder, right? You can find that on wikipedia.org if you've forgotten it and don't have a reference book handy. What does wikipedia say for the formula of the volume of a cylinder?
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