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I need help from a physics brain: thermal capacity, conduction, cooling

  1. Jan 1, 2012 #1
    I am doing a zainy experiment at home.
    I need to devise a way of applying a cooling intensity factor (CIF) of around 70 mW/cm2.
    I need to cool material that is roughly 30 degrees Celsius down to around 2 degrees Celsius.
    The cooling has to last for a period of one hour or more.
    The surface area of the cooling devise has to be around 100 cm2.
    The only equipment that I have at my disposal is a household freezer.
    My plan is to place some sort of materials in the freezer, cool them down and then apply them to the target.
    Should I use:
    (A) Water in a plastic container?
    (B) Water in a metal container?
    (C) Lead plate covered in plastic?
    (D) Lead plate inside a metal container?
    (E) Some other household materials or a totally different method?

    Please help. I have the attitude of a mad scientist, but struggle with algebraic concepts like thermal capacity and conduction.
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