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Homework Help: I need help from someone who has recently taken A-Level physics!

  1. Jan 7, 2009 #1
    I wasn't quite sure where to put this - hopefully it's in the right place!

    I am a PhD student and am applying for a fellowship which includes writing a "Lay Report".

    This report has to be understood by someone who has recently taken physics at A-level (UK) ... the trouble is, I don't know anyone like this (or at least no-one who has done it recently enough to remember what they learnt!)

    So, I thought I'd try asking for help on here... would anyone be willing to read my report and give me feedback? - I'd appreciate knowing if I've aimed it too high/too low and whether I've put in the odd word that's too advanced. Any other constructive criticism would be great too.

    I'll post it a bit later - after I know if anyone will actually read it, so please reply if you are willing to help.


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    I did A-level physics last year (finished in July). Now I'm doing physics at university, so some knowledge of the topics I studied at A level has been retained.

    If you think I could help you, contact me or post a link to your report on here.
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