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Homework Help: I need help generating ideas for a Physics Research Project

  1. Oct 9, 2007 #1
    I am in a Research Class that goes for two years, and over the course of the two years I need to come up with a research project that I, just a high school student, can do and complete. It should be fairly original research. But I am having an extremely hard time thinking of topics. The teacher gave us a big list of small topics (such as robotics, theoretical physics, tectonics, Sociology, etc.) and we have to pick 3 topics and brainstorm about 15 things we could do for each one.


    I want to do something involving Physics or Engineering, because thats what I love. But I am just having the most difficult time thinking of research I can do. Theoretical Physics is what I like the most, but its hard to do any original research, and others I was considering are Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Nuclear and Particle Physics.

    So can someone please start giving me a boost or a starting point to go from to help me generate ideas?
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