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Fortran I need help in Fortran please -- Bairstow's method & Newton-Raphson

  1. Nov 26, 2016 #1
    this is bairstow's method , i need to put newton-raphson in a subroutine and i don't know whats wrong i keep getting the wrong answer when i execute please help

    Code (Text):

    parameter (np=100)
    parameter (eps=1e-3)
    real a(np) ,b(np),c(np)
    real r ,s ,ri,si  
    integer n,i


        do i=n+1,1,-1
    read(*,*) a(i)
    end do

    10 ri=r
       do i=n-1,1,-1
       end do

       do i=n-1,1,-1
       end do

       do i=n+1,1,-1
       write(*,*) i,a(i),b(i),c(i)
       end do

       if(sqrt(ri**2-r**2).ge.eps.or.sqrt(si**2-s**2).ge.eps)    goto 10
       write(*,*) r,s


    thanks in advance :)
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    Have you run an example problem with known intermediate values and checked them? If so, where do they start to disagree?
  4. Jan 10, 2017 #3
    You have extra spaces in the following code:

    real a(np) ,b(np),c(np)
    real r ,s ,ri,si

    I haven't used Fortran in many years, but I would make sure the unnecessary spaces are deleted and that you have spaces after the commas.
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    I don't believe this makes any difference whatsoever.
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    @moebot Are you able to provide some comments to your code, such as
    • What the equation is, whose root(s) you're trying to find
    • What you are intending each section of code to do
    • Why you're writing in F77 (fixed) style with GOTOs instead of loops
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    I hope that after more than three months, moebot has gotten his code to work...
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