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Homework Help: I need help in solving temperature rise in Brake rotors.

  1. Oct 2, 2013 #1
    If we assume 70% of braked energy from the previous case is transferred to heat into two front brake rotors.How much would the mean temperature of front rotor increase when the vehicle is put to stop.

    Assume that :
    1)rotor's diameter is 3mm.
    2)rotor's thickness is 1cm.
    3)Density : 7800 kg/m^3.
    4)Specific heat (Cp) : 500 J/Kg K.
    5)Thermal conductivity (K) : W/mK.
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    Diameter 3mm?

    The simple method:

    Figure out the mass.

    Figure out the energy absorbed in J

    Work out the temp rise from the specific heat. I.e 500KJ into 1kg = 1000°K
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    Check your PMs. You *must* show your efforts before we can provide tutorial help. That is in the PF Rules (see the top of the page under Site Info).
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    A rotor diameter of 3mm is almost microscopic. Are you sure this dimension is correct?
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