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I need help - ly - trouble with calculus class

  1. Mar 28, 2014 #1


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    I need help -- urgently -- trouble with calculus class

    heyy everyone,
    I actually have a problem regarding calculus 1, I study engineering and its my first year
    I actually have always did reaally well in math in olevels but when I came to cal one dunno what happened basically !
    I got a C in my exam one which is a 15% of my final grade and now got an F (48%) in my exam two which is also a 15% of my final grade and dunno what to do know 2 more exams are left other than the final 30%. do think I have a chance of getting an A. to be honest I was actually considering dropping out of it being afarid to get an f.

    okay I barely understand anything in class that's right, but our prof is quite very boring and you cant understand his accent at all .!
    But i do study like math is the most subject I study and I do questions from the book and everything dunno why though in exams I just mess it up.

    I really need advice! and what do i have to do basically. I don't want my gpa to drop down cause math is 4 credit hours I actually look for increasing my gpa from 3.4 I have !
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  3. Mar 28, 2014 #2
    Can you resit any of the exams? What are you studying at home and does it relate to the syllabus? Also can you get access to online lecture notes?

    If you've covered all the above then is your exam technique an issue?
  4. Mar 28, 2014 #3
    You probably don't have a chance to get an A, I would say if you do really well on the final you could get a low B (but that depends on how well you're doing on the other 40% of your grade).

    The fact that you "barely understand anything in class" should be a warning. Again, talk to your professor and maybe try and get a tutor or help from a fellow classmate.

    The excuse that your professor is boring and hard to understand is completely invalid, unless he is deliberately testing you on irrelevant material, you are responsible for the material that is covered, read from the textbook if you have to.
  5. Mar 30, 2014 #4


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    I have a 30% left from exam 3 and 4. and 30% for final exam. and 10% for homework's that's how the grading goes for this class. so I have a 70% left not a 40%.
    I do use the textbook but it doesn't help me understand that much to be honest.
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    I do have access to all the lectures online they are all posted in canvas after class and the homework's are posted on webassign.

    Im not sure if he will retest exam 2.
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    Vanadium 50

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    The professor's accent doesn't explain why the book is not of much help.
  8. Mar 30, 2014 #7


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    Could You guest a good book for calculus one ?!
  9. Mar 30, 2014 #8


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    I'm using Larson's text to learn it independent of class, since I'm taking trig right now. It's pretty clear.
  10. Mar 30, 2014 #9
    Unsure how relevant my suggestion is, but I have found "Calculus" by Adams to be an awesome text.
  11. Mar 30, 2014 #10
    I'm unsure what is covered in calc 1 as I'm in the uk but one of my favorite beginners textbook is apostles calculus vol 1.
  12. Apr 1, 2014 #11


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    I have University Calculus Early Transcendental which is very similar to the apostles one when I checked it. but Im looking for a book that explains easily and you can understand all the different ways questions can be asked.

    I also couldn't find any tutoring in my area that is helpful any other suggestions on what to do?!
  13. Apr 1, 2014 #12
    In highschool I read "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus" and I never had trouble with any calculus even through college. It's written in a fun way and has appropriate exercises and problems to foster understanding. After working through the whole thing, in college Cal 1 and 2 was pretty much just me practically falling asleep in class.

    Also how in the world was that username still available?
  14. Apr 1, 2014 #13
    Check out Khan Academy.


    It doesn't go very in-depth, but it's certainly enough to teach you the fundamentals. Khan teaches in a very understandable manner.
  15. Apr 1, 2014 #14
    I was in the same boat, first time through C1 I really did poorly, perhaps you can drop to Audit or Pass/Fail - if those options are available. Next - I took C1 again - we had a winter session, so I could just focus for 5 weeks on C1. After that I got a B in C2 and DifEQ - and was able to tutor C1 and C2.
    Next Calc is a "practice sport" -- in general there are 2 ways to learn, one by example, two by theory - sometimes you "get it" sometimes you have to just force your way through the steps - over and over, then a light will turn on, and it will become more clear. I had a nightmare with the memorization of the common integrals.
    Also - Not getting an "A" is not the end of the world - the classes are harder and the competition is stiffer in college, but do not get too upset with the grade - Calc is a tool - it takes time to learn how to use.
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    go to office hours!
  17. Apr 9, 2014 #16


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    Thank You all for replying .. I went and got the complete idiots guide to calculus and I hope it will help. I also started doing more practice problems.
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