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I need help my exercise

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    hi, every one.
    i'm student in VietNam, and now, i'm studying about nucleat physsics.
    i don't know, can i post my problem in here?
    expect admin ok.
    my problem is: i'm studying a subjec what this book is Nuclear System I.
    my exercise is "steam generator tube type CE"
    ------ we have a steam generator type CE which has high h = 2,5m and traffic G = 1kg/s
    primary tube has : t(in) = 180 oC
    t(out) = 170 oC
    p = 10 at
    secondary tube has: t(in) = 95 oC
    P = 1 at

    count number tube, know that this tube has d2/d1 = 12mm/10mm
    count temperature of steam out?----------

    english is my weak, i tried to express.
    i hop everyone can help me or guide.
    thanks so much.
    if you have spare time, please help me in here
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    If one assumes steady-state, then the heat rejected/transferred from primary to secondary must be equal.

    The rate of change of enthalpy must balance, i.e., the product of the mass flow rate and the change in specific enthalpy on the primary and secondary sides must be equal.
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    thanks admin.
    but realy, this is so confuse.
    can you more detail?
    i realy want it.
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