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I need help on choosin a senior project for Electrical Eng emphasiz on communicatio

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    I ve been thinkin of my senior project. as long as my interest is communication, i will go with wireless stufss. I need your clues and ideas regarding nature of project and brainstorming
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    We have no idea what you know, so it'd be hard for us to suggest a project for you in vacuum.

    - Warren
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    Thanks chroot
    what i meant that you guys might suggest some projects that include mechanism of wireless for example walki-talki , wireless earphone, and so forth. However, I would be more satisfied if i go with something associated with medicine.
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    Mabe you can get some ideas for this wikipeda page on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biomedical_engineering" [Broken].

    When you come up with something, we will be glad to help.
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    You can do an extensive research on different modulation schemes like CDMA, WiMax, TDMA, etc...
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    Thanks guys ... Ok I ve got a proposal that is to build a simple transmitter and receiver using any digital modulation schemes. That's nice.. I need more inputs concerning some examples or even some procedures that would lead me to a good project. I concluded that I lack alot of knowledge in goin with a biomedical project.
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    these schemes just came out.. I am a simple person lookin for a simple stuff.
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    Sorry, this is a senior project in college or in high school? If college, you absolutely need to be able to work with the concepts that Corneo brought up.
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