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I need help on choosing my career path at the moment?

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    hi there

    i am hoping you will take only a few moments to answer a few questions for me that will help me.

    i am very interested in physics and maths i have no clue though about specialized areas, at the moment i am being asked to choose my subjects which will determine what i can study at university.

    i have no clue about applied math and the different types of physics such as quantum, i would hope you could explain the different types to me so that i can progress in my studies with confidence.

    this will sound imature but i have no intrest in civil applications or research but it bores me to tears i would rather work on military research and or other types of research such as particle.
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    You need to give at least a little more information before anyone can help you. You are being asked to "choose your subjects." Does this mean you are a freshman who is going to choose your major? Or maybe you have not entered university yet. Or maybe you are already studying physics or math at school, and things are getting a little more advanced and you need to choose what specific classes you will take.
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    no im not american i am from scotland i am 15 but i am being told to chose the subjects which i will study next year these subjects and the grades i achive will limit the university courses i can take. i am taking geography chemistry physics maths and english.

    i am hoping to achive aan a in all and be accepted to a university of my choice. although in theses subjects nothing is given in detail such as physics(which i wish to make my proffesion) no one tells you about the different areas and which each of these areas specialize in.

    another example is maths i dont have a clue what applied maths is the only way to study it is if u take it at university.
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    Read this:


    Applied math just means math that is used to solve problems from areas outside of strict mathematics. Math is important in engineering, science, and finance, and so someone doing applied mathematics might study problems that originated in one of those domains. In contrast, pure math is when you solve mathematical problems that did not originate directly in another domain.
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