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I need help on particles measurments

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    Hello everybody:

    First of all I will tell you a little about my work, I'm working with the filters as a pretreatment of water,and the main media of my filter is polymer particles (beads),and I need to do some calculations and measurments on the particles ,so please I need your help:

    How can I measure these factors:

    1- surface area of the beads ( particles )? can I measure it individually?

    2- diameter of the beads

    3- surface roughness..

    4- size of the particles

    I'm waiting for your answer.

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    First I would suggest that you ask the manufacturer of the polymer particles if they have this info. I would be surprised if they didn't.
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    firstly bashir do you have a ruler? then you can estimate 3 of the above, but i think the fourth option is the volume

    ?? WERD!
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    Claude Bile

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    The answer to all these questions will depend primarily on the rough size of your particles. A colleague of mine works with polymer beads 800 nm in diameter on average - moreover he did have to characterise the size of the beads and their statistical distribution himself because the manufacturer's data was quite inaccurate.

    So what size range are we talking here, mm, microns, nm?

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