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I need help proving something about my sequence

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    My sequence is a function f:Z+→{H,T} to represent heads and tails. It is defined by

    f(1),f(2),f(3)f(4),f(5)f(6), ...
    = H,T,HH,HT,TH,TT,HHH,THH,HTH,....,

    where you can see that I'm just taking all heads-tails sequences of length 1, then of length 2, etcetera. This ensures

    (1) that the long term frequency of heads is 1/2.
    (2) that every finite heads-tails sequence is contained the infinite sequence thus defined.

    The proofs of (1) and (2) are trivial. There's one more property that I'm not sure I have in my sequence, so I'd like help proving it (if it's true ....). I need that every heads-tails sequence of length N occurs with equal long-term frequency. So, for example, I should see HT just as often as TH when I look left to right at


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    This will be helpful: http://www.mth.uea.ac.uk/~h720/teaching/dynamicalsystems/champernowne1933.pdf [Broken]
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    Could just be my internet, but the link isn't working. Hmm.
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