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Homework Help: I need help quick. havent been paying much attention.

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    I havent been paying much attention and i have a chapter test tomorrow and a final on thursday i need help on how to do this.

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    Wow, it looks like you are in trouble. We really cannot help you catch up at this late date. Perhaps in the future you will make an effort to keep up.
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    can someone help me with some problems at least??
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    What are you stuck on?
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    ok, then start with what you know about the first question.
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    i really know nothing.
    do you guys have the formulas i would use to solve these?
    im sure if i have the formulas i can figure out how to solve it.
    i lost my formula sheet :cry:
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    What I've learned from lurking here a while is you're not going to get handouts. You have to show an effort, and people will point you in the right direction.

    Taking pictures of a crumpled piece of paper and basically asking for answers is not showing effort.
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    i only want someone not to give me the answers but to explain to me how to do it.
    maybe like give me examples that look like the problems on the paper. but not exactly.
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    This forum is here to assist in homework questions. Not to teach an entire introductory physics course, which it sounds like is what you need.

    Although, I like the fact that you admit you haven't been paying attention. At least you know why.
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    Let me just give you a hint then: if you draw the wrong diagram you're not going to be able to solve 2. East and west are opposite directions, just like north and south.
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