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I need help to calculate forces on steel rope

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    i would like to find out the method to calculate loads on a rigging bridal,
    the situation, a weight needs to be hung at a point between two roof beams,
    so it is hung on two steel wire ropes from the beams of an suitable length to achieve the correct position, from this i would have all the information to calculate the internal angles but would like to know how to calculate the forces on the beams, should the length of the steel ropes increase or decrease thus changing the internal angles and how does this effect the forces????
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    fred, your a top bloke, it looks like just what i needed,
    regards from sunny ireland,
    "knowledge is not power unless it is shared" me
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    The very basic Statics(for such problem-solving) approach is to draw the whole thing into a free-body diagram system. and resolve for each component of forces.and you can derive a set of equations that relate the weight by mass, and the internal angle(as you speak)..in this case, internal angle can only vary from 0 to 90 degrees. Hence, the cosine term values also differ. The smaller the angle, the smaller the force in the steel ropes and on the beam.
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