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I need help understanding the edge of the universe

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    HI , i am a student currently in class 10th , and i aspire to become a theoretical physicist . I particularly want to know about the edge of the universe when i become one . Any way , i have searched the net for many years of posts related to these topics , but most of that stuff is above me . Can someone please link me some good books or webpages which deal with these topics , but are devoid of complicating maths ? .. please
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    Re: i need help

    Well you certainly don't need to be a theoretical physicist to understand about the edges of the universe -- specifically, there are none. A great place to start is the wikipedia article here:
    Which contains no maths! If you understand this, it should be obvious why there can be no edges.
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    If there were an edge of the universe, we would have a front row seat. We reside at the most ancient point in the observable universe and it looks exactly the same in every direction - younger.
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