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I need help understnding the Hypothalamus

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    I know the Hypothalamus controls Hormones for Sex Drive and Eating and so on.

    And I know it is conected to the Pituitary Gland through a Stalk.

    Am I right when the Hypothalamus puts out Harmones it first sends a signal to the Gland it wants to put out the Harmone?

    So for Groth Harmone to be put out the Hypothalamus will send a signal to the Pituitary Gland to let it put out the Harmone?
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    Hi biferi,

    hypothalamus' ability to secrete hormones is only a part of the system through which it influences and control various body processes.

    The signal you mentioned is GHRF (growth-hormone-releasing factor, which is a hormone itself), which stimulates adenohypophysis to secrete GH.
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