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Homework Help: I need help wiht my assignment on the physics of a drum

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    hey, i am in year 10 and i am doing an assignment on the physics of drums. if anyone knows anything that can help me that would be great. thanks.

    jack (jackio_14@hotmail.com)
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    If u can pose a question I may answer that. What's ur problem?
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    Here are a few websites about physics of drums, to get you started..
    (jusk click on the blue underlined text to see the reference). You can also find more using your favorite search engine with keywords "drums" and "physics".

    Animations showing the various modes of ahttp://www.kettering.edu/~drussell/Demos/MembraneCircle/Circle.html [Broken] (drum).. This one illustrates some nice animations of modes of resonance for a drum.

    how about http://www.physics.usask.ca/~hirose/ep225/animation/drum/anim-drum.htm [Broken] in a drum membrane.. This one goes into some basic equations for standing waves of a drum.

    How about one on the http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/Stu/mjavadif/mec104/#physics [Broken]..
    Here are a few topics they go into: Intro to Drums, Physics of the Drum, Resonant Energy Transfer/Resonance, Drums and their Pitches, Tuning of Drums.

    Hope some of these websites may be helpful. :wink:
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    thanks sooo much u saved me
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